Biographical note

Solange Casiez was born in Lille, France, did her undergraduate degree in France, then a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Quebec, where she still lives. While pursuing a career in administration/finance in national and international companies, she developed her creative profile in writing, photography and video. Since 2011, she gives free rein to her creative urge and expresses herself mainly through writing.

She is currently working on a third novel in which she explores the interweaving of several narrative voices, including her own.

She is the author of Héloïse, 1900-1935 and Héloïse de ses propres ailes, 1935-1945, two historical novels inspired by the life of her great-aunt, a poetess and marketing pioneer at the beginning of the twentieth century. Héloïse takes us through the war on two continents and into the literary life of Quebec. With her, we worry about loved one. We follow her as she charts the course of free women in the 20th century.

Artistic Approach

passion for writing comes from my desire to bear witness to ordinary destinies that can become exceptional. My approach starts from reality, concrete facts, historical data. Then I use my imagination and autobiographical references to build scenes where I can relate the past so that it does not disappear.

My deepest self, nourished by my experiences and my creativity, allows me to build the fiction that surrounds authentic events in my novels. I create the universe of my characters by adding details, coherence, complexity, and symbolism. I build circles of credibility so that my readers enter and believe in the personalities, their psychology and become attached to them.

To fuel my writing, I have the chance to travel around the world in search of stories and adventures. With my photojournalistic eye I have visited Europe, India, Russia, China, Africa, Egypt, South Pacific Islands, New Caledonia, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii. I always have a new trip in preparation.


Once the idea for a novel has been conceived, the fieldwork has been done, all the archival material has been studied, the most important part remains, writing. This is where persistence and patience come into play. I have to use my creativity to create something bigger than reality while remaining authentic. It’s about finding your style, demonstrating your talent, your uniqueness. My goal is to elevate myself through fiction to a level where I can captivate my reader through style and originality.


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