Publication date: May 2021
Publisher: Pierre Tisseyre
Pages: 240

Héloïse de ses propres ailes 1935-1945

The story

A disappointment in love, the attraction of the unknown, the instinct for freedom… This is what drives Heloise, a strong though mild-mannered woman, to leave France and cross the Atlantic. Deeply troubled by the chaos of the Second World War that threatens her family and her native land, she decides to seek happiness in America. Thus, she resolutely pursues her destiny, which leads her in the footsteps of Quebec’s emerging intellectual and literary community.

In Quebec, she forges friendships and build a career while feeling tormented by the impact of German occupation on her home country. Héloïse takes us through the war on two continents and allows us to explore Quebec literature. With her, we worry about loved ones. We follow her as she charts the course of women‘s emancipation through the 20th century.

Highlights of the novel

Héloïse de ses propres ailes, 1935-1945, is the story of a heroine’s quest for opportunity between two continents, in a world divided by war. A vibrant tribute to the Quebec of the 1940s, this novel stands out as a chapter in a history that has yet to be written, that of the women who paved the way for feminism and the Quiet Revolution in Quebec.

« A dull anger settles in me. Another unjust war that hurts those i love! As if i hadn’t paid enough twenty years ago! Why another world conflict? Has the human race lost its mind? Then i think of my family, anna and all my family. My tears arise, i don’t have the heart to eat; i end up falling asleep at the end of my pain. »



My writing is placed in the private space supported by autobiographical components. At times I identify myself with the heroine to discover how I would have approached the situation in her place. My goal is to create a work of fiction inspired by reality within a historical framework.

I had known Héloïse well. She died in 1991 at the age of one hundred and one after a very rich life dedicated to business and literature



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